It’s alive!

Well after some months cleaning and putting shit in the right place, we finally got the engine running, woohoo, we have a floating holiday home that moves!!
The engine is a 56hp Yanmar that has only 500 hours on it, and was then rebuilt as it ingested some water and was left sitting resulting in rusted bores. So it was removed and rebuilt with new liners and pistons and then sat for another 4 years unstarted ……..

Not a thing was connected, the engine wasn’t even bolted down and there was a jam tin full of nut and bolts, but we finally found homes for them all.

Greg spent day after day in the engine room and removed the injectors and oiled the cylinders and wound it over 100’s of times before he tried to start it, but it would only run with fuel in the manifold.
So off came the injector pump, stripped on the captains table and gummy residue removed, she fired into life.

But Captain Greg was not happy and decided to remove the injector pump (again) and the injectors (again) and sent them away to be professionally cleaned and tested. They were all in such good condition nothing was replaced except seals.

Fit it all back up and bingo, she runs like a charm.

Now all the engine parts have been re-installed we have a clear dinette table.

Ok let’s go for a run!

Tears ran down Tonia’s cheeks as we motored out to Pulbah island, she couldn’t believe we have been able to get Ocean Piper running let alone move her off the mooring she has been slave to for 5 or more years.

We were over the moon and spent a few days at pulbah doing more cleaning and tidying up a few loose ends in the engine dungeon.

Shakedown #1 done!

Captn Greg