Finding Ocean Piper

Where to start?

Some years ago during a trip to Tasmania on our motorcycle, I had too many beers and decided I would like to sail round Australia one day!

Tonia’s response was something like “that’s nice darling” and immediately went back to level 2 bazillion in candy crush.

Well that wasn’t a no!

Anyway that started nearly 3 years of research and looking at boats for sale, yes there are a lot of boats for sale. It probably took an hour to decide that “pretty” boats would never be in my budget and that cheap boats were cheap for a very good reasons.

So at a car rally at Lakes Entrance I ran into a good friend of mine Andrew, and Andrew sells boats.  He sells catamarans and they cost more than pretty boats.

The conversation went something like this:

Greg: Andrew I am looking for a monohull

Andrew: I don’t sell mono’s

Greg: That’s great!  Plenty of people with monohulls upgrade to cat’s, next time you get someone wanting to trade one in tell them it’s worth nothing but you know a guy that might take it off their hands.

Andrew: Haha, oh hang on a minute I might know of a boat for you……

So that’s how we found Ocean Piper.

Captain Greg

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